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Birgit Welc
Tel. (05130) 2180Email senden

Dieter Stein
Tel. (05130) 2180
Email senden



Musikschule Wedemark e.V.

The "Musikschule Wedemark e.V." was founded 1980 and has currently about 600 students, which are taught by 20 teachers.

In group or private lessons almost all popular instruments can be learned:

accordion, cello, clarinet, drumset, guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, flute, french horn, keyboard, percussion, piano, saxophone, singing, trombone, trumpet, violin and recorder

Our main focus is based on the ensemble and chamber music area. That means, the interaction with other musicians is particularly promoted by us. Our students have the oppertunity to join different ensembles like "Jugendblasorchester", "Folk-Pop-Ensemble", "Percussion tonal" or big band "Coconut Orchestra" for free. We want to be a place for people to meet and we would like to encourage social contacts of our students. 

Further the " Musikschule Wedemark e.V." cooperates with general education schools like the IGS Wedemark and Realschule Wedemark and teaches music classes. In cooperation with the full-time school we are offering courses like "First Class Rock" and others for also younger children. Moreover we are working on a project called "Wir machen die Musik" (we do the music), supported by the state Niedersachsen, in cooperation with kindergartens and elementary schools in Wedemark in form of music education or rather, group jam.


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